Evaluation results under the Grant Programme for SAS PhD students in 2020

List of applications, not financed exclusively due to financial budget limits, recommended by Evaluation committee and approved by SAS Presidium for awarding the QUALITY CERTIFICATE.
APP0130 C
APP0131 C
APP0133 C
APP0134 C
APP0135 A
APP0136 C
APP0137 C
APP0138 A
APP0139 C
APP0140 A
APP0141 A
APP0142 C
APP0143 C
APP0144 C
APP0146 C
APP0147 C
APP0148 A
APP0149 C
APP0150 C
APP0151 C
APP0152 C
APP0153 C
APP0156 A
APP0157 C
APP0158 C
APP0159 C
APP0160 C
APP0162 A
APP0163 C
APP0164 A
APP0165 C
APP0166 C
APP0167 C
APP0168 A
APP0169 C
APP0170 A
APP0171 A
APP0173 C
APP0174 A
APP0175 A
APP0176 C
APP0177 C
APP0180 A
APP0181 C
APP0182 A
APP0183 C
APP0184 A
APP0185 C
APP0187 A
APP0188 C
APP0191 C
APP0192 C
APP0193 C
APP0194 A
APP0195 C
APP0196 C
APP0197 C
APP0198 A
APP0199 C
APP0201 A
APP0203 C
APP0205 A
APP0206 C
APP0207 A
APP0208 C
APP0209 C
APP0211 C
APP0213 A
APP0216 C
APP0217 C
APP0218 C
APP0219 A
APP0220 A
APP0221 C
APP0223 C
APP0224 C
APP0225 C
APP0226 C
APP0227 A
APP0228 C
APP0229 C
APP0230 C
APP0231 C
APP0232 C
APP0233 C
APP0234 A
APP0235 C
APP0236 C
APP0237 A
APP0238 C
APP0239 A
APP0241 C
APP0242 A
APP0243 C
APP0245 C


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